Los Angeles' legacy as a mecca of professionalism and artistic virtuosity is one of the most compelling and iconic in history.  

So, why is that now, when the musical workforce of LA is more expansive and vibrant than it's ever been, is the canvas of live and recorded music in Southern California deteriorating at a rapidly accelerating rate?

We founded LAMC to put Los Angeles back on the market.  

We're a sales force, focusing on creating sustainable relationships with the composers, orchestrators, music supervisors, and producers of a region that's outputting content at a never-before-seen volume;

We're collaborators, developing customized strategies and budgets with each individual client and project to ensure future business and mutual longevity;

We're artists.  There are hundreds of us, encompassing a universe of mind and skill sets, and we're dedicated to keeping Los Angeles' musical culture and careers alive for generations to come.  

We're Los Angeles Musicians Collective.  Let's make some music together.